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Homemade Paleo Bagels

These flourless Homemade Paleo Bagels are so good they taste even better than the regular bagels. They’re also flourless, yeast-free and filled with sweet raisins and swirls of cinnamon. Even better, they can be made and ready to cook in 15 minutes!Grain free and paleo cinnamon bagels that look and taste real! These soft and delicious healthy gluten free bagels are filled with sweet raisins and swirls of cinnamon. Super easy to make! Made and ready to cook in 15 minutes. You won’t even know they are paleo!

have been baking all the holiday things this week. Finally, I am getting into the Christmas spirit. I know, it took me awhile. Because, when I should have been making Christmas cookies; I was making ice-cream. Ha ha, I just didn’t want summer to end! But since there is no way to wish that warm weather back, I have come around to all things seasonal. Warm cinnamon and raisin bagels– I’m pretty sure that counts;)

I turned on Christmas music this week, put the lights up, and well… we even had our first snow. So, I’m pretty much all wrapped up in the holidays now.


What better way to spend the morning then biting into one of these delicious paleo bagels. Toasted and topped with warm melty butter, you won’t know these are grain free!!! Warm and cinnamony with sweet raisins, these bagels taste REAL and and look like it too. I love creating healthy paleo baked goods that fool even me into thinking that it’s not paleo.

Setting up this photo shoot was very festive. A little green and some moody light. Plus, the soft piano music in the background just topped it all off (too bad you can’t hear it). And the aroma of toasted cinnamon bagels… Well, YUM! I just wanted to bite into one of these without waiting for photos to be done. So, I may have snagged a little bite in between shots.


I have really been into baking with Cassava flour lately. Because when I figured out how to make bread, pizza, and bagels that are totally legit. I pretty much was in the kitchen for days making all the breads, pizzas, and bagels. Cassava flour is a fantastic grain free alternative to wheat flour. It can be substituted 1 cup for 1 cup. Grab a bag of this delicious paleo flour! Every paleo baker needs this amazing flour in their pantry. Because paleo bagels need to happen! Cassava flour cannot be substituted for any other paleo flour in this recipe.

These cinnamon bagels were a hit with all my taste testers. I just had to make another bagel recipe, because my regular Paleo Bagels are so popular! Bagels are simply an instant hit! I know I love them:) Also, I was just dying to make a cinnamon raisin version of paleo bagels. And so, here we are. Enjoy!

P.S. If you leave out 2 tablespoons of the maple syrup the calorie count goes down by over 100 calories! Just in case you were wondering;) And they still taste A-MA-ZING!


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