Chopped Roasted Beet Salad with Feta and Lemon Zest Vinaigrette!

The rain has been such a welcome treat over the last few weeks. Our garden suffered the consequences of drought over the last few years but today, all the fruit trees are soaking up every drop of welcome rain. The citrus are glistening with a fantastic wash of water from the sky, the seedlings are ready for another growth spurt, and our pups…..Sierra and Lexi…..are hiding under their blankies, hoping all this dreaded rain will stop so they can go on their next dog-beach field trip.

Oy, the pups are never happy when it pours from the sky. But the rain is ok with us because it means we’re getting a bounty of veggies this spring!

All our beets are hearty and they’re the one vegetable that we can grow year round with plenty of harvest from. In early spring we have tender beet greens for terrific green salads and as the roots grow, we’ll pluck them from the ground and after a quick scrub, roast them for dinner.

Farmers markets in our area are starting to filll their stalls with so many varieties of beet root. A few  years ago we asked you all about your love or hate for beets. What a fun read it was to see the split of opinions: those of you who loved beets really LOVED it. And those who disliked them still haven’t found a recipe to change your mind.

Healthy Chopped Roast Beet Salad with Lemon Zest Vinaigrette from @whiteonrice on

Well, hopefully for all you beet “haters” this could be the one to help turn you to the beet-loving team. This chopped beet salad has such great texture, brightness from the lemon zest vinaigrette and salty bite from feta cheese and nuts.

And we’re still hoping we get plenty of rain over the next few weeks because the garden is craving it so much. As for the pups beach-romps? We’ll just have to make it up to them this Spring.

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